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To ensure no disruptions in your cash flow, it is recommended to give Access Medical Solutions 30 days to process changes to your electronic submitter numbers and provider billing information. If needed, AMS can take over billing of an account immediately due to client needs.
New Physicians typically take a little longer due to the credentialing process. Access Medical Solutions will work with all new physicians to ensure timely processing of all credentialing applications.

Access Medical Solutions will substantially reduce your operation overhead (medical billing salary, benefits, office space, hardware and software costs are eliminated). We do all of the above at a small fraction of what it would cost your medical office to perform the same tasks. Our certified medical billers and coders have the resources to effectively analyze your billing practices including CPT codes, modifiers, and ICD-10 coding. This knowledge will lead to consistency in payments and increased revenue. Keeping up-to-date with all this information can be extremely time-consuming to your operation. We understand the importance of the details that insurance companies need for proper payment. We stay informed of all ICD-10 and CPT code changes. We use our contacts with the carriers to stay abreast of any internal changes so that we can avoid the reduction of payments or non-payments to your practice.

We challenge all rejected claims and dramatically reduce your accounts receivable. Follow up of claims is worked diligently by our staff. We file all claims electronically, which maximizes your insurance claim reimbursements in the shortest possible time. We eliminate the overhead expense associated with insurance billing such as salaries, vacations, sickness, training, turnover, office space, computer hardware and software, and other operational necessities. In most cases, we have increased total revenue by an average of 5%.

Access Medical Solutions will put together a custom tailored package based on your practice needs. Our fee is frequently less than the actual increase in revenue your practice will experience within the first year of utilizing our billing services. The percentage is based on your specialty and will be calculated using the billing and collection questionnaire included on this website.