Increased Reimbursement

Detailed Accounts Receivable Management and Revenue Cycle Analysis are crucial to the success of your practice. Access Medical Solutions will take the burden off your office staff by doing initial insurance verification. Knowing the correct payor to submit claims to will lead to a faster turnaround time and will decrease days in Accounts Receivable. We strictly adhere to the practice of daily charge entry, claims submission, and posting of payments. We challenge all rejected claims to substantially increase revenue and decrease days in Accounts Receivable. Shortening your revenue cycle is a top priority for us.

Our company prides itself on their concise follow up of aging Accounts Receivable. Our experienced staff will diligently work your accounts receivable to uncover any billing issues/coding challenges. Our goal is to find and execute a solution for getting your claims paid in a timely manner. Profits will increase because your last dollar of revenue collected is as important to us as the first. Clients that have switched to Access Medical Solutions have experienced an increase in total reimbursement.